Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blind urged to go into business

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 |

The New Straits Times, Malaysia

Blind urged to go into business

JOHOR BARU: The entrepreneurship programme to help the disabled obtain business loans remains
Malaysia Society of the Blind president Mah Hassan Omar said on Sunday that only RM5 million of the
RM22 million allocated for the programme had been taken up.

"We are encouraging the blind to apply for the fund as the Human Resources Ministry still has RM17
million for eligible recipients.

"We also hope the local authorities will set up a business site that has amenities for the disabled
and where public transport is available," he said after attending a charity sale on Saturday.

The nine-day event to raise funds for the blind was opened by state Women, Family Development and
Welfare Committee chairman Dr Robia Kosai.

Mah Hassan said although the government had introduced a policy where one per cent of its workforce
would be made up of the disabled, the response was not encouraging.

"The vacancies cannot be filled because the disabled are not trained to do the work and are hampered
by the lack of accessibility to the workplace.

"Many government offices also lack amenities for the handicapped.

"Many blind people have turned to the teaching profession or have taken up foot reflexology courses.

"We encourage the blind to venture into business.

"Local authorities, non-governmental organisations and the private sector are urged to help blind
people improve their quality of life."

Mah Hassan said the local authorities should emulate Kuala Lumpur City Hall, which provided business
kiosks to the blind to do business.

"Local authorities can also make it easier for blind folk to obtain business licences and build
sites which are disabled-friendly."


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