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Cerita Eric Eng You Koon

Friday, September 4, 2009 |
Daripada: Eric Ng
Tarikh: 03 September, 2009 12:51 AM
selamat membaca rakan-rakan. pengalaman ini bukanlah untuk menakutkan sesiapa tapi hanyalah satu peringatan. ini adalah pengalaman saya selama saya berkawan
dan bersahabat dengan orang-orang d sekeliling. ingat ya. cerita ini bukanlah untuk mengenakan sesiapa dan ianya dikarang dalam bahasa inggeris dan melayu.
cerita ini dikarang pada tahun 2004 dan ada tarikhnya saya ubah mengikut peredaran zaman. 
Good day to you.  I am a visually impaired writer.  I don't mind to be call and known as an anonymous.  I am fine with that nickname.  In this first article,
I would like to express out my heart feelings as a visually impaired person and the major reason that drives a person become proud, arrogant and selfish. 
I may make a mistake in this first article because it is my first time typing on the desktop keystrokes (computer keyboard) after 15 years of working experience. 
Well, as long we are human beings, we can't run from making mistakes.  However, this will not be my excuse for not able to write out an article.  Oh! Why
is it too long for me to touch a computer or a typewriter?  This is because many people in this world always have a fix believe that a visually handicapped
(impaired person) like me doesn't know how to use the latest technology in this world.  Mine you> I prove you wrong.  I am using the latest technology
to write out this article for your reading pleasure.  I do take courses that enable me to type and using a computer.  That's why I am able to be in the
sighted world together with all of you.  I don't feel that I am a visually impaired.  In fact, I am a normal person like you too.  Although I am not able
to see you with my normal eyesight, I am able to experience you with my Big-big heart.  (Eyesight 0%, heart 100%).  Therefore, do treat me like a normal
person ok> I don't like to be sympathies because I can do the things, which you can do too.  This is a clear message for those of you that think the visually
impaired person like to be sympathize and seeking attention from others.  You can either choose to continue reading this article or reject me totally and
not to read it at all.  This article is a true-life story and life-experience as a visually impaired person.  I have been rejected many times in my life. 
My visually impaired friends have rejected me and it is very normal in life.  That is a nerd about the people in this world.  However, sadly to say, I
am regret seeing many of my sighted friends are rejecting me totally.  They there not taking a risk by giving me even a single chance and hope to prove
to them that I am equally good and talented too.  They rejected me, especially in the relationship, friendship, social gathering, conversation and etc. 
However, I am still boleh hidup although many people choose to reject me.  It is just a small matter because life still goes on.  No>No>No> I am just creating
a joke for you to read it.  I still need your assistant, especially in the technology world and other things in this life too.  I am not train in the technology
field and maybe and surely, there are some other things that I may need your assistant.  Therefore, tolonglah.  Do not be proud, arrogant and selfish. 
It doesn't serve you good at all in your life.  Ok, back to the topic above after so long of the introductions. 
Now days, there are so many modern technology in this world, which includes the telecommunication, computer (ICT), music industries and etc.  Oh! So many
things to catch up as a visually impaired person. Talking about the modern world technology, I am proud to tell you and let me elaborate and explain my
situation in details.  I am able to use the computer is because there is an equipment specially invented for the visually impaired person which has enable
me to do my typing and reading.  The scientist in the world has invented the computer software (voice synthesizer) that enables me to hear whenever I do
my typing on the desktop keystrokes and do my reading on the computer and the Internet.  Although there is an equipment (scanner) that enable the visually
impaired person to use for reading the sighted and print text, not many of them can afford it because teramat mahal harganya di pasaran global.  That's
much they can do to help the visually impaired person to be independence in the modernize world technology.  Even though I can walk with the help of the
white walking stake, it doesn't really help much because the white walking stake is like a support for my eyesight.  In another words, I still need the
assistant from others too.  For example, reading the newspaper, magazine, article, crossing the road and etc because the technology can't really help 100%. 
Well, you know it yourselves because we cannot depend on the advance technology too much.  However, the main major problem that I am facing in this big
world is too many unpleasant people around.  Why I make this statement is because this is what I feel from my heart and based from my passed experiences. 
Many of them always think the visually impaired person is the second-class grade.  It means we are the lower class rang compared to the sighted people. 
Usually, it happens in the big cities, such as The Federal Territory Of Kuala Lumpur, The Republic Of Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Beijing, Seoul,
Tokyo, Washington D.C., London and etc.  I hope you don't mind when I make this statement because it is happening everywhere around the world.  The modernize
world technology, such as the Internet, computer, ICQ, SMS and other high tech technology, such as hand phone, radio cassette, compact disk (CD), MP3 player
dan lain-lain has make many people in this world become like this: proud, arrogant and selfish.  Teknologi juga adalah penyebab utama yang menyebabkan
insan-insan di dunia ini meminggirkan diri daripada menyertai social gatherings, friendship and other activities outside their world.  I know there are
many other reasons that can/may cause the people to behave likes this.  One of the possible reasons is no proper guidance and coaching from the family
members, friends, colleagues and etc.  It also depend how they have been brought up in their life, especially in the social culture and background.  Hmmm>
many more reason but not able to elaborate further.  Whenever I asked for assistant, I got rejected most of the time.  What is their reply and how they
rejected me?  They keep on giving unreasonable excuses and trying to avoid me.  Oh! Their reply is:
"Alamak! I am having something on today", "Oh! Tak bolehlah.  Cari orang lainlah", "Why can't you do it yourself?  You are disturbing me all the time. 
I don't have even a single free time for my whole family and myself too.  I always busy at work" and many other excuses that I face in this world.  Hmmm>
they can help but not available because of their busy lifestyle.  They thought that I like to disturb their private life and have so much free time to
kacau their family members.  Whenever I asked them for their addresses and the contact number, they thought that I loved them and wanted to disturb their
freedom.  Some of my friends gave me their addresses and contact number.  However, strange and funny.  Whenever I tried to contact them, the same person
on the line (my own friend) replied: "Hello, what number are you dialing"?  "Sorry, you dial a wrong number".  "Oh! No such person here" and etc.  They
even slam my phone and cut my conversation after they have reacted so funny.  One of the examples and experienced that I encountered before was like this:
"Hello! Hello! Wei! Gila ke?" and slam my phone after that.  Some of them whenever I tried to ring them at home, the same person or their family members
can tell me off that he/she is not at home.  When I asked for their hand phone or their other contact number, they told me off that not convenience to
give it to you.  There is another type of people that I encountered in my life.  My friend was at home and he/she picked up my phone calls.  However, when
the person heard my voice, they passed my call like a merry go round.  Finally, their mother/father took my call and told me off that he/she doesn't want
to accept my calls.  At the same time, they gave me a warning and asked me not to disturb them anymore.  Hmmm> bosanlah macam ni.  I wanted to establish
a good friendship pun begitu sukar sekali.  Macam-macam alasan diberi oleh mereka.  Some of my friends, especially those who are working as a teacher in
schools and colleges have a lot of free time to check and read what was happening on the newspaper and the article.  Besides the teaching profession, they
can do other things too provided they know how to manage their timetable well.  Many people do have a free time to lend their helping hand for me if they
wanted to do so.  They can spend at least half to one hour to check what is on the newspaper or other reading materials.  (By the way, just a suggestion
and you can consider it).  It is your choice too.  Think about it.  Walau batgaimanapun, they refused to do it and gave me too many excuses for not helping
me.  I also know some of my friends, especially the students like to gossip and talk bad about others during their free time just because they think they
know so much about the high tech technology.  Well, it sounds funny and maybe vied to some of you too.  (Hmmm> macam-macam ragam manusia di dunia ini). 
Tapi, once again, it is happening in our modernize society.  The most miserable experience that I have encountered was I called my friend and the husband/wife
picked up my phone and shouted at me.  They grumbled and yelled: "Wei! Don't ever or please don't disturb my husband/wife".  After the conversation, they
called back my number and told me off.  Worse still.  I call the person hand phone and he/she picks up all my calls and chooses not to answer me when I
said: "Hello".  Instead, the person allowed me to hear the background of the place.  When I tried to send the SMS and ask what is the cause and reason,
they replied my SMS and scolded me with a six letter vulgar words.  One of the examples was like this: "Fucker, pukimak" and etc.  Well, the person that
I know was a graduate from a leadership program in one of the colleges yet can handle the situation until chooses not to answer and avoiding my call without
any valid reason.  Worsen the situation was the family look down on the visually impaired people.  Hmmm! I have a good intention to talk with them but
they interpreted it wrongly.  Apa nak jadi dengan dunia zaman kini pun saya tak tahulah.  What to do?  Whenever I asked and tried to get them to read the
newspaper and some article from the Internet, they keep on giving me unreasonable excuses.  The funnier excuses that I encountered in my life were a funny
replied.  How they replied and what was their answered?  It sounds like this: "Oh! No> I am not free.  I am on the Internet searching for article to read. 
I can't read for you today.  I got other project in hand to complete as well.  After that, I am going out with my friend.  Ok, not today. Can it be next
time?"  Hmmm> they are reading something.  I really don't know and understand why they are behaving like this towards me and other visually impaired person. 
I felt very funny, angry, frustrated and like being taken advantage by some of the people.  Why I felt like that is because many people have a fix believe
and think the visually impaired person cannot move about.  I am able to prove them wrong now but hmmm> what to do?  I want to move about and independence
also facing many problem, challenges and hard ache.  Ok, as my life moves on, another funny incident happened to me.  Oh! Oh! Oh! I am trying to contact
them either through hand phone and their office number just to keep in touch and getting their latest contact.  Oh! So sad and very upset! They told me
off by saying, "Oh! I am very sorry that I can't simply give away my latest contact to you."  When I tried to ask them their reason, they choose not to
reply and they even told me off.  They asked me not to contact their hometown or any of their numbers to get their details.  One more incident happened. 
I tried to call them and they pick up my call and giving excuses.  "Oh! I am in the middle of my dinner and I am doing something here.  Can you please
call me back?  After few hours later, when I tried to call them, they choose not to pick up my call although I call them few times.  Worse still.  I SMS
them but no reply.  I call their office and asked for them but so many excuses from their reception.  The first time I call, "Oh! Not in".  The second,
third, fourth and etc time I call, "I am not sure what time will be in and maybe, will not be in".  Hah! How come the reception at the same office and
department doesn't know what time their colleague will be available?  From this incident that have happened to me, I guess the person have told the reception
if the guy by the name of Mr. X or Mr. Y call, do let him know that he/she will not be in although he/she was in and at the desk.  Not enough with that. 
Some of my friend pretended to be my friend.  When they need my help, especially during their trouble, they can call my office.  They can pretend to be
nice to me by pretending to be nice.  They can go until the extend to give away their contact.  Ha! When they got what they wanted, they can choose to
forget you.  They will not pick up your call or they will not attend to you when you are in trouble.  They have also threatened to report to police if
I call them again although I have explained to them that I am not harassing and disturbing their privacy.  Well, one incident happened to me.  I call two
lawyers from the same firm and they pretended to be my friend.  Well! I am honest in my friendship but they choose to play around with my feeling.  As
I have written at the earlier part of the article, when they need you, they can pretend to be nice to you.  After they got what they wanted, they can forget
you and your deed.  Ok, let's get to the related story and the incident.  I tried to call them for two long weeks but no reply from both of them.  By the
way, they are lawyer.  When they saw my number, they rejected my call.  When I SMS them, no reply from them.  Not given up my hope to find out the reason,
I even tried to call their firm and guess what! When the reception heard my voice, he/she slam my phone and answered the phone in a rude manner.  After
I have asked my apology, they still choose not to pick up my call.  One fine day, I tried to call and SMS one of my friend from the same law firm, hoping
that my call will be answered.  Oh! Sad thing happened.  She chooses to reject and not to answer my call until the phone line got cut off.  I SMS her and
ask why all this happen?  Again! No reply.  Instead, she replied my SMS in English like this:
"I had enough with you.  Stop harassing me and my colleague from your calls and your SMS either from your mobile number or other number caller ID {number
unknown}.  If you still insist to call and SMS us after this notice, we will not hesitate to lodge a police report against you for harassment.  This is
my first and last notice.  Please respect other people's privacy".
C.C: Company Director Name/
ASP Inspector's Name/
Another Colleague's Name. 
Wah! SMS or (Short Messaging Service) can be very powerful tools to use for conveying messages and communicating with others.  Well, SMS can also be a dangerous
weapon to destroy others if we use it in a wrong manner.  It depends how we use all these tools.  Technologies are in front of us.  Whether we knew it
or likewise.  Yes! Phone, computer, e-mail, SMS, MMS and etc are very advance and powerful tools in this modern decade.  God has given us various talent
and brain to invent all these technologies.  But please! I urge you for goodness and heaven sake and if you respect all human being in this earth, not
to abuse all these technologies like how and what my friend did to me.  It can be very hurting and harm to those you love when you use all these tools
in a wrong way.  Ok, back to the story.  Hmmm! How come she can write the SMS but at the bottom of the message got the director name, sarjan police name
and her colleague are involved?  From my guessing, sure enough and for sure.  She wanted to threaten me.  Well, is okay and only God's knows my intention. 
I meant good and have an intention to be their friend buy they misinterpreted my intention.  I got very upset with my friend.  Without hesitation, I confronted
her with my reply to her by using mix languages in English and Malay:
"TQ.  Berani kerana benar.  I have told you before that I am not disturbing you.  You misinterpreted my intention and misunderstand me.  Is ok.  I am sincere
in friendship.  Saya tak takut polis.  Saya hanya takut Tuhan saja.  For heaven sake, next time, if you choose not being my friend and not honest in this
friendship, pleas do not reveal your contact.  Repot pada polis bukanlah jalan penyelesaiannya.  If you are brave enough, I challenge you to talk to me
an we will settle the problem and issue once and for all.  TQ". 
Not enough with that.  Once she received my SMS, she threatened me and this is how she replied:
Whatever! Ok, will lodge police report". 
Oh! Police report?  I am not afraid of police if I am right.  As I have wrote earlier, if I am sincere with friend, I am not afraid of anybody.  I will
be their friend unless they choose not to be my friend.  Belum habis lagi.  I replied her SMS and this is how I wrote:
"Ok, taka pa.  Orang nak selesaikan dengan cara baik u nak repot polis juga?  Ok, up to you and it is your choice.  I know you are the lawyer.  Tapi, you
tak payahlah nak cuba ugut sampai macam itu sekali.  You tak payah nak takutkan saya sampai macam tu.  Saya tak takut.  TQ". 
Oh! Those people who have a post as a lawyer or any other high post can abuse their power and right?  Those people are suppose to help to solve the crime
and other cases in the region tapi they can use their ability to threaten others?  Hmmm! Itulah yang terjadi sekarang ni.  All these people only look for
profile and money but they are not sincere anymore in their friendship and relationship with people.  They never think positive and they only thought by
report to the police is the last solution to all entire problems in life.  All these people are really covert.  Well! You can choose to agree or not to
agree with me.  Not enough with the first two SMS, I wrote another two final SMS to her by hoping that the problem and issue will be solve once and for
all.  Yes! Eventually it works.  The SMS sound like this:
"Sorry if I have hurt all of you in anyway.  I promise I will not call you again.  I have deleted all your contact.  It is fine and Ok if you choose not
being my friend.  For goodness sake, I consider the problem solved.  Tak payahlah repot polis.  Tumpukanlah pada kerja yang lebih berfaedah.  I am not
going to call you again unless it is an urgent matter related to your working company.  This is my promise to you demi kebaikan semua pihak.  TQ". 
My final SMS to her sound like this:
"Enough is enough.  Berdamai saja demi kebaikan semua pihak.  Once again, I am sorry for any wrong doing.  This will be my final SMS to you.  TQ". 
Now, I wanted to find out the through.  I know she threatened and lie to me.  Really covert.  My next action, I called the office and spoke to the director. 
I told the director that his staff trying to threatened me by reporting the issue to the police and she use the director name in her SMS.  However, the
director of that firm was quite honest and sincere by giving a full corporation to me.  Finally, I knew it was not true and I forwarded all her SMS to
the director and finally, the director replied my SMS and this is how the SMS was written:
"It is my staff right to lodge a police report if they feel harass by you.  I suggest you stop calling them". 
Ok, I took heat his advice and I have deleted all their contact.  The greatest lesson from the related incident is give some space for others to brief and
try to understand their needs in life.  Life is like a roller coaster.  Hmmm! It is very sad part when right to know when we have a good intention to be
friend with these people; they misinterpreted and misunderstand our intention.  Lebih baik jangan kawan saja dengan orang-orang atau manusia seperti ini. 
Wasting time and energy.  What to do?  Life goes on.  Anyway, I have a few questions for you to ponder and you answer yourself.  I am sure you have the
answer for all these questions.  How come they do not want to lend their eyesight for me?  Is it so difficult to lend a helping hand to a visually impaired? 
Are they shy to makes around with the visually impaired person?  Why are they doing like that towards the visually impaired?  Why can't they treating us
like a normal person?  Why can't they accepting me and other visually impaired person into the society?  Why are they not able to face up in this society? 
What are the differences between the visually impaired person and the sighted people in this world although we are normal human beings?  (Something for
all of us to think about it).  These are all the questions for you to ponder.  You are the only one that has all the answer towards all this questions. 
You may laugh about all my questions and whatever I write in this article.  You can feel funny and choose not to believe it at all.  However, it happens
and it is a true life-experience.  Alamak! (Proud, arrogant, selfish and etc).  Jika orang-orang in this world keeps on behaving like this kinds of attitude
and character, I don't know what else to say, describe and do about it.  What I can summarize from my life experience is those who are in these kinds of
the categories, one day will fall too.  Surely and for sure> they will not go far and improve in their life too.  Yes> I can laugh about it again and again
if they don't change their perception and behavior.  Ha>Ha>Ha! Why I laugh and how come I know?  Well, to prove what I had written was a real incident:
let me share with you one life-experience.  This incident occurred before 2004 Chinese New Year.  This life-experience has teaches me become wiser and
it has many lesson to learn from it.  One of the lessons is not to be proud, arrogant and selfish in this life because I have only one chance to live in
this world.  It goes same to you too.  Why I summarize it that way?  Let's read this life story and you will know it.  Before I begin, let me tell you
about my friend (the main feature of the story), Mr. AW.  He is a visually impaired and I knew him since my primary school days.  He is one of my best
friend and business partner that happen to know much about the latest technology, especially in the computer line.  He is very good in recording and copying
an original to a pirated disk.  Hmmm> cetak rompak (piracy) and can make some money out of it.  (No>No>No> just a joke).  He can do a perfect recording,
remastering from cassette, MP3 and etc to a CD.  That's how wonders a world technology can do now days.  He does take courses on the technology, computer
and recording field (music).  He also knows whether the diskette is in good condition or can't be use.  Hahh! That shows how capable he is.  That's why
I need his help to do reasserting, copying diskette, CD and etc, knowing that he is capable of helping me in this field.  One day, he came an approached
me.  He needs my helping hand, especially to look for some client for his business.  He knew I have many contact with friends and colleagues.  I do agree
to help him.  During the time when he approached me, I need his help too.  However, he keeps on giving excuses and behaving like a proud, arrogant and
selfish person.  How it happens? Let's read this life-experience story. 
One day, I approached him for his help, knowing that he is capable to recognize a good quality of diskette and MP3 players as well.  I asked him whether
he could lend a helping hand and time to look around for a good MP3 player below rm130.00.  At first, he refused and rejected me.  He keeps on insisted
that below my budget is not possible.  He suggested and keeps on pressured me.  He said: "for a person like you, you must get a high-an player.  You will
not fill satisfied.  It is because many MP3 players below your budget is consider a capalang and cetak rompak players".  Let me explain and go off track
a little bit.  Capalang and cetak rompak means the quality of the thing is very low and it made in The Republic Of Korea and China.  (No>No>No> I don't
mean it).  Their scientist is good and they are in the world class ranking too.  Walau apa sekali-pun hakikatnya, it is a fact and we have to accept it. 
The quality made in these two countries is not as good as other country in this world.  That is one of the reasons why they can sell their things cheaper
compare to other products.  Don't get me wrong here.  Some of their products are even better than some of the developed nation and the ASEAN countries. 
Look around and consider it.  I am not discouraging you from buying too.  You can buy and purchase them.  However, think twice and do a market research
first on the products that you want to purchase before you buy them.  Ok, back to the story and on track again.   
Well, I do agree with him and his idea.  However, he keeps on forcing me to get the player.  I had told him that I don't have enough cash in hand and will
pay him after one month.  At first, he agreed with the agreement after so long of persuading and discussion.  Oh! Finally, I managed to enroll him to my
command vision, which is lending me a helping hand.  Yes> life is an enrollment game.  However, entah macam mana, He changed his mind.  He wanted the cash
as soon as possible.  Hmmm> that is human nature.  Can't keep to the promise and the agreement.  Without getting my permission and seek my approval, he
straightaway went to that shop.  What he did?  He bought the player that was more than my previous budget.  Hah! Guess how much was the price?  It was
rm190.00.  (Aduh> more expensive).  It is more than my previous budget and certainly, I can't pay that amount.  During that time, I don't even have the
budget money =rm130.00.  He claimed that the player could play three formation of disk, which is CD, MP3 and Video CD (VCD).  (Adoi> sakit dan lemah jantung
dibuatnya).  During the period of time, I was on my way to The Republic Of Singapore to handle my phone business and suddenly: he rang me when I was in
the train.  He told me that my MP3 player has arrived at his house and I have to pay him that amount of money.  Before he managed to continue his words,
I questioned him with anger.  I wonder how come and why is that he did not consulting me and seek my approval before he took that player?  Well> it's funny
and strange.  Anyway, it happened.  What was in my mind during that time was he tried to show that he knew mo things compared to me.  Oh! Mana boleh jadi
ni?  Dia nak cuba menunjuk-nunjuk kebolehan dan memijak kepala saya pula.  Cukup melampau and really it is too much.  I cannot tahan already.   I didn't
give in any single chance for him to show off and without much further ado, I told him off that I was not able to take that player.  Moreover, I don't
even know how good and user-friendly was the player towards the visually impaired person. I told him before hand I need to test the quality and the sound
of the player.  When I feel satisfied, I will pay him half of the amount and the balance will be half month after the first payment.  He keeps on insisted
and told me the quality and the sound of the player was ok and very good.  I will never regret if I took the player.  (Hmmm> manalah saya tahu manusia
ini?)  He only knew and thought for his benefit and not considering about others.  How come I thought that way during that moment was because after he
insisted, he disagreed with the terms and condition.  He cut my conversation and slam the phone.  (Hmmm> very bad attitude, rude and biadab pulak tu). 
Oh! Macam ini pun boleh ke?  When I came back from the trip and gave him a call, He yelled and scolded me.  He told me the player has been thrown away
just because he was angry at the action that I took on him during the night I was away.  Proudly, arrogantly and selfishly, he asked me not to deal with
him in any of his business.  Ok> fine.  It doesn't affect my life at all and doesn't matter with me too.  I am a person that has a very simple principle
in life.  If he doesn't want to deal with me, no problem at all.  I looked for other options.  That's how I shift and react after that incident.  I don't
feel panic at all because I believed in myself that 100% is possible, 100% of the time and if it's to be, it's up to me.  I went to his house and collected
some of my left over (undone job) and recorded disk.  Oh! He really honor his words and with action too.  Very proud> arrogant> selfish> and entahlah>
don't know what else to describe about his action towards me.  He really doesn't want to deal with me at all.  Lokek ilmu dan pengetahuan.  ("Hmmm> penting
diri sendiri pulak tu!").  Full of anger and frustration, I left his house.  During that time, I was in the taxi on my way back to my resident.  The taxi
driver felt strange and funny.  He knew I was very angry with my friend.  He did question me what was going on between both of us.  To overcome my frustration
and anger, I choose not to answer him even a single words.  You can imagine how angry I was during that time.  If I am not mistaken, it was on one of the
Friday night.  Woo> I can't imagine it was really a nightmare night.  Black night and day too.  I tried to call him and talk terms with him.  I humbly
asked him for forgiveness even though I knew that he was wrong.  My intention during that time was to solve the issue.  However, again and again> he rejected
me and slam my phone.  I may be loosing him as a business partner and the friendship as well.  That's how he showed up towards me.  (Ai-yo-yo! Susahlah
like that).  After that whole incident, I did not deal and call him at all.  I wanted to see how proud, arrogant and selfish he could be. Mine you! My
way and strategy was correct.  It can't go long.  As what I have been said and wrote earlier, those who are in these categories will fall one day because
they need my help too.  Yes! They do.  One month after that incident, he gave me a courtesy call just to find out how am I doing and he tried to joke with
me.  During our conversation, I did experienced that he was having troubled.  However, I just tried not to border too much about what was going on with
him.  While he was talking, I was having a question in my mind.  How come out of the blue and sudden he gave me a call and tried to joke around?  Mahu
tak mahu, I just entertained him as it is.  Hmmm> what I resist, it persists.  However, my answer towards him was a very rude replied> knowing that he
was still the same.  I just told him that I am fine and manageable.  Not even one minute of the conversation, he decided to put down the phone.  Ok> just
a small matter.  I respect his decision.  I think he was still the same personality as before.  (Hmmm> no changed after that incident).  Hah! Kan betul!
(Still proud, arrogant and selfish)> don't know and not sure how long it will be. 
However, after that call and one month missing in action (MIA), Mr. AW gave me a miss call.  I felt very funny, strange, vied and full of surprise.  How
come he still gave me a call even though I gave him a lukewarm response during his first call after that incident?  With so much of doubt and question
was on my mind during that moment and time, I return his call.  I wanted to see what he got to say after the whole incident.  One of the question and doubt
that I had was about his sincerity and honesty.  Without much further ado, I did throw a few questions to him.  The entire questions that I asked during
that moment were to make him realize his mistake.  How long would he like to keep a distance and wanted to avoid me?  I did ask him a few more questions
after my second questions.  However, I did experienced him that he was very sad and choose not to answer all my questions.  He chooses to ask for forgiveness
and talk terms with me.  As a friend, I honored his choice.  I listened to his problem and finally, I forgive and forget the whole incident.  His effective
action to solve the problem shows he was really a sporting man.  He admitted his mistakes.  Oh! I am so happy.  I got back my business partner and the
most important thing is the long and everlasting friendship.  Oh! It is a win-win situation between both of us.  Why is that so?  Haha> both of us got
back what we wanted in life, which is the friendship and the business dealing.  I am sure is more than that in life as the friendship growing each day. 
Iron will and determination is one of the major keys to solve every major problem.  As what I wrote earlier, it is a win-win situation.  My solid believes
is every problem can be solved.  As a result, I choose to solve the problem and I got it done by being a forgiving man.  During our phone conversation,
he told me he was very bad mood and angry during that period of time.  He was having a major breakdown in his computer and recording business.  He doesn't
want to lose me as a friend and a business partner.  During our talk terms, he does asked me for assistant, especially to look around for a person who
would like to do recording, servicing computer and other things which he can offered his services in the technology field.  Hah! Finally, he realizes how
DIFFICULT TO FIND A REAL TRUE FRIEND IN THIS EARTH.  Baru dia tahu ya?  The story ended and finally, we are known as friends forever that can lend a helping
hand to each other as happy as can be. 
Hmmm> that was one of the worse experiences in my life.  He thinks he knew so much about the latest computer and music industries technology.  Mine you>
Mr. AW is full of knowledge and experience.  However, if he keeps on behaving unpleasantly, whatever he has in life can throw into the drain.  What I write
from my heart is an honest feedback for all those people who are in these categories.  I don't care whether you are a visually impaired or a normal person. 
It is applicable to all as long we are human beings.  You can see for yourself what is happening in our society now days.  Don't have a wrong impression
on me again ok> I write out this article is because I do care for the surroundings, society and people around me.  I would like to urge you to look around
the circle world.  Whitmore, a sighted person can be in these categories.  However, why I am so sad is my own category of people.  Adoi> as a visually
impaired person, yet he wanted to show off to another person in the same category like me too! Susahlah like that and it will not serve him good at all. 
Mr. A and I should be helping each other.  Tapi, just because he knows so much about the latest technology, he tried to boast around with it.  He thought
that I would never learned and used the computer and other modern technology.  Nah! Mine you> I prove him and others wrong now.  This is because I got
things to boast about in life too.  I am happy and proud of my achievements.  I am active in sports and recreation, such as table tennis, outings and etc. 
I am also involving myself with the Malaysian Association For The Blind (MAB), The Society For The Blind Of Nalaysia (SBM), The National Council For The
Blind Of Malaysia (NCBM) and the Christian organization, which is The Agape Services For The Blind (ASB).  Apart of that, I am a church musician and a
piano teacher in several churches.  Besides that, I am also working as a receptionist in the construction company.  In this company, I am given a chance
to use the computer and contacting others over the phone.  Oh! Something that I never thought it will happen.  It is my dream and really a dream for me
to use the computer apart of picking up phone calls and assisting at the reception area.  This is one of the jobs that not many of the visually impaired
person can handle because it is a challenging jobs that needs proper training, endurance, patient and you must have the interest to do it.  Once again,
don't get me wrong.  I still need your helping hand.  I will not be proud, arrogant and selfish.  This is my promise to you.  I know, although I had achieved
so much good results in life, I will never look down on others because I know which background I come from.  I am a normal person like all of you too. 
If I am in this kind of category, nobody will help me.  I also realize I will not go far.  I will not able to achieve my goal and dream too.  What is over
and pass, I will forget it and start a new life.      
Ok, enough.  I have been speaking, joking and writing so much in this article.  I know myself well.  If I continue to write, I can go longer.  I do have
much life-experience story to share in this article.  However, it will be too long and maybe> many people choose not to read it.  The reader may feel board
with my long-winded stories.  (No>No>No> just a joke).  I do have good and bad experience with the people around me.  I have more then 800 friends nationwide,
which includes The Republic Of Singapore and Indonesia.  Proud to tell you that majority of them are sighted.  That is one of my achievements in life with
the society.  Once again, I would like you to think wisely on all these words and thoughts that I have for you.  If you make a wrong decision in life,
nobody can help you.  Bak kata pepatah Melayu, "sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada gunanya".  One more advise for you.  Jangan sampai nasi sudah
menjadi bubur lambuk pula.  This will be my final message for you to think about it:
We are a normal human beings creating by the Almighty God.
We may not have eyesight but We have a Big-Big heart and experiences.
We have only one life to live.
Money can easily be found.
Relationship and friendship are precious and hard to come by.
Treat all the visually impaired person like a normal people in this world.
There are no differences between Us.
We don't hope for sympathy.
Do not treat us (Visually Impaired Person) as a second-class grade.
Do not treat us like somebody special (VIP).
Give us a chance to work, contribute and be apart of the society.
We are equally talented too.
Be more open and friendly towards the visually impaired person. 
Well, that's all for now.  Happy reading and you can keep them as a souvenir in your life.  I know this article will inspire, encourage and move you to
greatest heights.  I believe and hope those who read this article would be able to understand me better.  By the way, I am here not to write or telling
my victim story as a visually impaired person.  This is just my life story and experience.  As I have said and wrote earlier, you can choose to read, to
accept it with an open hard or reject it totally.  However, it is a fact that the advance technology in this world now days are one of the main reasons
that drives a person becomes proud, arrogant and selfish.  Once again, I urge you not to be in this miserable category.  (Be good, nice, pleasant and not
forgotten, be friendly with others).  It will serve you good and healthy in your social life and gathering too.  Thank you.

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