Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cool Gadgets for the Disabled

Thursday, March 26, 2009 |

The Lomak


The Lomak (Light Operated Mouse and Keyboard) is a computer input device that features a pointer that can be controlled by mounting it on one’s head. The light will point at a special input device that allows the user to type letters by moving his or her head slightly.

Lazy Teapot


For those whose hands are incapable to lift a teapot or simply don’t have the strength to lift it up. Simply tilt the teapot and it will pour the tea or coffee into the cup without having to fear if it spills or slips off the user’s hand.



The MyTobiiP10 is an eye-controlled communication device specially designed for users with ALS, MS and other neurological disabilities. The unit comprises of a 15-inch screen, a computer and an eye-control device.

All it takes for the users to do is to sit in front of the television, follow a dot that appears on the screen for 30 seconds to activate the eye tracker and then it’s ready to be used. The MyTobii P10 maintains its high quality performance in any light conditions despite the user’s habit of wearing contact lenses or glasses and will not be affected by head movements.

Universal Elastic Cuff


Simple design but serves many. This leather made cuff fits almost all standard utensils with an elastic strap. Perfect for people with limited or no grasp.

Tank Chair


This rugged ‘wheelchair’ might look like some ready-to-battle tank, thus the name but it sure performs. The Tank Chair allows users with leg injuries, paralyzed or simple couldn’t walk to go anywhere and everywhere, namely the field, on the snow, down some small steps, rocky road, etc. Each chair is custom built and can take on any type of ground.



This stylish pedometer not only calculates the distance you walk or the calories you burnt. This gadget is perfect for the mutes and blinds as it is designed with a built-in deafening alarm that claims attention and help; acting like a security device.

Tactile Wand Electronic Walking Stick


Forget about the old and unfashionable walking stick. Well, it was good as it last but with this new tactile wand electronic walking stick that is not only stylish but more practical than the latter, guess it’s time to bid the old walking stick goodbye.

The device uses a distance sensor to detect objects in front of the user and when the user gets closer to the object, it will cause a greater vibration.


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