Friday, June 5, 2009

Childline Malaysia 1st CRC workshop

Friday, June 5, 2009 |

Dear friends in disability
please take note of the event below and register asap should you be involved in care of  children with disabilities
This is a great opportunity to be empowered with the pertinent facts, training  and guidelines
pls pass the word to the Organisations in service
Mary Chen
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--- On Thu, 6/4/09, Noraihan Fong <> wrote:

From: Noraihan Fong <>
Subject: Fw: Childline Malaysia 1st CRC workshop
Date: Thursday, June 4, 2009, 1:37 PM

Dear Friends and Advocates for children

Childline Malaysia is pleased to be able to collaborate with the Institute for Early Years Development to bring to our Partner Link Network Support Organizations   two interactive CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child)  Training Sessions as one of our efforts to build capacities of our Partner Link Network members .

The Training Session will help participants to understand the CRC in a fun interactive way and help them to link their work and programs within their organizations in order that organizations can gear their work to be more rights based and develop a culture of “child friendly“  consciousness in interactions  with children. 

The success of Childline Malaysia will  ultimately depend on the quality of services provided by NGOs and  other organizations  who work directly or indirectly to support services for children – care, rehabilitation, counseling, training, emergency interventions, etc. Part of this Training Session will involve the participation of all of you in taking Childline Malaysia forward.

Places are limited to 30 pax for each Training Session so we would appreciate early response and commitment by return email or fax of the Registration Form before 8th June. Due to the limited places available, we would appreciate it if organizations can ensure that you send a maximum of 2 representatives each who able to   :-

· Participate for all 3 days

· Take what they learn back to work with and  share with others 

· Advocate for rights of children

The two Sessions are as follows (Choose either one only) :-

· 19th -21st June 2009    - more specifically for organizations who work with special needs children and children with disabilities / community rehabilitation centres

· 22nd -24th June 2009  - open to all organizations who care for children in children’s homes / shelters / care centres / orphanages

Token Fee for each 3 Days Training Session to cover food and materials  is RM30  payable to Malaysian Children TV Programme Foundation

For those who are interested, Childline Malaysia will be hosting a free afternoon talk on Tuesday, 2nd June 2009 from 2- 4pm by Dr.Sanggeet Bhullar, The Founder and Executive of Wise Kids, a non-profit organization based in Wales . She will share some of the innovative training programs in New Media, Internet and Mobile Technologies, Internet Proficiency, Literacy and Safety for young children. Please refer to the attached flyer and call us to confirm attendance.

We look forward to your Organization’s participation in the Training Sessions .Should you need any further  clarification please do not hesitate to call  the following :-

· Ms Nornisa Sahid        016-324 0826

· Ms Nora Fong              012-313 9643

· MCTF Office                03- 5569 275

Please log on to our website for more information on Childline Malaysia :

With Kind Regards,


(Mrs PH Wong)

Project Director, Childline Malaysia (MCTF)

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